Dear you

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Dear you…….
We might rarely take photo
We might rarely eat together in a table
Pictures of yours can never be deleted from my memory
Once we ate in a table
I still remember it
that’s the precious moment I’ve ever had
eating together and talking about life

Several years ago for the first time, I got your hand on my head
I listened to your sweet prayer for me
Do you know?
I’ve been waiting that prayer moment for a long time
I was really happy when God finally asked you to pray for me

I might not live with you in same house
I know you
Your favorite food
Your hobby
Your favorite sport
Your favorite team
I know them all
you are my role model
you are my spiritual mother

You may read this
or may not
but through this writing
I just want you to know that
I still love you
I still pray for you
I wish you to keep healthy and have long life
so that you can serve more people

On your special day
I want to say,
and please accept this as a special gift on you special day!

January 4th 2015

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